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Dr. Seema Tatwawadi

Dr. Seema Tatwawadi, Director - MET Institute of International Studies and Director - Corporate Relations, MET holds a Doctorate in Psychology along with an M.A. in Psychology and MBA degree in Human Resources. She is former Director of Amity Global Business School and Aditya Institute of Management Studies.

Dr. Tatwawadi is a Ph.D. research guide, having more than 3 decades of experience in the field of Education. She believes that attitude, passion and willingness to work hard leads to success. During her professional journey as an academician, she has also contributed several articles in national and regional newspapers.

As a Consulting Psychologist, she is a member of interview panels of many PSUs, Banks and other organizations. She features as a Career Guide on TV and has published research papers in national & international journals. View her profile on LinkedIn.

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