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You just don't Teach, You Inspire

You just don't Teach, You Inspire

You just don't Teach, You Inspire

Teaching is an ongoing and continuous learning process to facilitate the learning workshops should be an essential part of school curriculums to keep teachers motivated, refreshed, and up to date. A well-organized and well-implemented workshop can improve teaching practices student engagement, and ultimately, student outcomes.

Before the beginning of the new Academic year 2023-24 MRV faculty attended 2 dynamic workshops conducted by Dr G Nagashree, Principal MET Rishikul Vidyalaya (MRV).

First of the Workshops held on 26th April for the MRV  Pre Primary Section  affiliated to the IEYC Curriculum  (IEYC) focussed on "The pathways of the IEYC Learning Processes."

The objective was to introduce teachers to emerging teaching tools, and strategies that can be used to enhance classroom engagement and improve student outcomes.

During the workshop, Dr G Nagashree emphasized the importance of creating a supportive environment that encourages students to take ownership of their learning and provided tips on how to facilitate student-led collaboration, how to use feedback and to improve learning outcomes.

On 27th April 2023, workshop conducted for MRV Primary, Secondary AS and A level affiliated to Cambridge Assessment International Education, U.K.

The core essence of the workshop was to understand teachers, the attributes of teaching and learning and apply them effectively in lesson plans. One amazing observation was the selected adjectival name, given to each team player. This fosters a sense of belonging, builds team spirit, increases motivation and enhances learning abilities.

Keeping in mind the annual theme of 'Nature and Conservation of MRV', the teachers sketched out innovative ideas and implemented them in their lesson plans involving interdisciplinary technique.

Each group presented a short lesson plan on the “Tropical forests and its conservation” from IGCSE Environmental Management. The lesson plan was executed keeping in mind the Cambridge Scheme of Work and the Sustainable Goals.

Interdisciplinary approach was effectively used in the learning module. It is a unique approach to learning which encourages students to examine and explore topics from multiple perspectives. It is a great way to engage students in the learning process by providing them with more opportunities for exploration and discovery. The workshop culminated with a wonderful activity which consolidated the participant's learning and demonstrated their accomplishments in achieving their objectives.

The workshop ended with a valuable feedback session. Dr. Nagashree approached every participating group and clearly outlined the target met by them as well as the quantum of knowledge gained by each participant.

The participants of both the workshops acknowledged and thanked Dr. Nagashree for her fruitful efforts in organizing and conducting the workshops in the most amicable and extensive manner.

It was indeed an enlightening and informative workshop, that empowered the teachers with a plethora of educational tools, to prepare the students to meet the everyday challenges of life.

These workshops inspired many teachers to think beyond traditional teaching methods and explore an innovative approach to their classroom and teaching practices. The outcome of the workshop was remarkable which left the teachers with an enhanced understanding of how to motivate students to explore and learn.

Ms Sangeeta Natrajan,
Teacher MRV Primary and Secondary

Ms Anjana Singh,
Pre Primary Coordinator

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