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Virtual Teachers bring preschool classrooms to life!

Virtual Teachers bring preschool classrooms to life!

Virtual Teachers bring preschool classrooms to life!

The overnight shift of academics to virtual format last year had led many to wonder about the role of a teacher. This is so because in the digital age information is available anytime and anywhere.

Well, we preschool teachers at MET Rishikul Vidyalaya decided to square up, use the available information and technology and continue to do what we do best! Give our MRV students the best learning experience we can!

We set about imparting the precious learning by blending traditional learning approaches with newer, more collaborative audio and visual tools. A combination of spurts of discussions, group work, video and audio clips and hands-on exercises became the key ingredients for a lively online classroom.

Math classes were abuzz with experiential activities like sorting, number line games, making fractions, using real objects for 1-1 correspondence and addition.

Phonic classes came alive with interactive games like word bingo, blend dice and similar activities.

Scientific enquiry was encouraged via hands-on science experiments.

Fine Motor and Gross Motor Activities never took a backseat since they were planned according to the readily available objects at home!

Simple objects like spoons, forks, glasses and plates, pegs and clothesline, bowls and water offered a great basis for experiential learning!

IEYC concepts were taught via real teaching aids. INQUIRY-BASED learning never ceased even on the online platform!

Oh! How interesting it was to learn about earth’s rotation and revolution & day and night phenomena with a globe and a torch! And our students experienced absolute delight when they saw their favourite dinosaur T-Rex and his friends come alive in class via AUGMENTED REALITY!

Not to mention when we teachers dressed up as Deep Sea Creatures using BODY MUPPETS to enact “The Amazing Octopus”!!! Which child doesn’t enjoy a fun dramatization along with meaningful learning?!

Students learn better with real life experiences! Field Trips were planned as closest to the real life setting as possible! It was a treat to see our “Little Campers” all geared up to cross the “make believe” obstacles during their “Camping Adventure”.

We teachers believe that we have managed to nurture and keep the “AWE FACTOR” alive in our students to a great extent!

We also believe that the parents and students have had a major role in contributing to this success of our first virtual learning year!

“Our students have little hands and BIG hearts! We are privileged to be their teachers.!”

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