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It was the beginning of our online classes, I was worried and anxious how the virtual classes would be. I was a novice and thinking of conducting online sessions gave me goosebumps, nevertheless with the support of my colleagues and a prayer in mind I gave my first online session in Geography. It went off smoothly except for a few glitches.

Being a virtual teacher, I had to ensure that my students are engaged and are active learners rather than being just passive learners.

It was the time to bring out my creative juices on teaching strategies,for my sessions, I thought the best way was correlating my subjects with various other subjects.

Thus began my journey of collaborating with various subjects.

I recollect correlating concepts of Geography with Craft where the students used their creativity and brought the various landforms using the clay as a material.

Music plays an important role in one’s life and that’s what I did, various grammar concepts were taught through songs.

Children enjoyed both the activities as it was learning by doing and also catering to students who are keen listeners.

Concepts of English – Information on Chocolate was done through various activities like creating their own chocolate drink. Topics like Information Report in English were correlated with Science and the students researched on topics related to Science.

Overall virtual teaching has opened many more avenues and has taught me that there is never an end to learning.

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